STAY HOME. STAY COOL. Experience Kit

Regular price $60

We've partnered with some of our AMAZING friends to ensure that your time at home is as sweet as possible. Our $167.28 value box contains: 

  • MOIC Adult Sprinkle Pool Sweatshirt 
  • MOIC Mug
  • MOIC favorite Ice Cream Movie Scenes
  • MOIC Whipped Cream Candle
  • Happy Sock Ice Cream Socks
  • EOS Strawberry Peach Lip Balm
  • Peach & Lily Cherry Ice Cream Facial Moisturizer
  • Kawaii Slime Company Sugared Strawberry Latte Slime
  • Lund London Skittle Waiters Friend Bottle Opener


*NOTE: Due to inventory availability, your final Experience Kit received may be slightly varied. FOR THIS KIT: We substituted the Unicorn Tea with a MOIC Mug and Ryan Porter Calm the F Down Candle with our MOIC Whipped Cream Candle.